Ham Radio Operators are Losers! (Here’s Why…)

The Ham radio operators’ community goes around by many names. Some people call them Hams, while others refer to them as losers. And some people call them air-heads, which seems perfect for Ham radio operators because they work with intricate electronic equipment and perform complex physics phenomena easily. Something only “air-heads” can do.

Are you confused as to why Hams are called such nice names?

If you are, stick around.

In this article, I will explore all the reasons why both male and female Ham radio operators are nothing more than a community of losers who help people for fun and practice a valuable and exciting hobby.

Top Reasons Why Hams Are Losers

Ham radio operators are kind, selfless, and passionate. This community spends its time minding its own business and doing its own thing.

But in a society where everyone and their grandma is entitled to put their nose in other people’s business. And in an era where people bash other people just because they like a certain kind of pizza, anyone who keeps to themselves and rises only to help the general public is most definitely a loser.

Read on through my very thorough list below to find out more reasons why Hams are losers.

Why Hams Are Losers – Reason 1: They Provide Community Service

Some people praise Ham radio operators because of their services during national crises where they support emergency communications.

But who needs Hams and their dusty old radios when you’ve got mobile phones and internet?

Even when our communication infrastructure may only be one hurricane away from collapsing, we don’t need Hams and their “dusty” old devices to ensure connectivity when everything else is down in the dumps.

jeep caught in a hurricane

We enjoy a nice long communication blackout, don’t we? Of course.

But they help us anyway.

As we enjoy this blackout and make some memories, these Hams just swoop in, offering support.

At a time where everyone is only concerned about their own and their family’s lives, this crazy bunch goes out of their way to ensure everyone in their community gets the help they need. And they do that with their own resources.

And if that doesn’t make them a bunch of dum-dums, what will?

In the crippling modern economy, these people buy expensive devices, install Ham radio antennas, and build efficient infrastructure, all from their own pockets! They could’ve easily spent this money on fancy restaurants, international trips, and cool mobile phones. But NO. They chose to spend it on something as lame as a Ham radio so they could ensure that everyone gets the help they need in disasters.

I mean, Who. Does. That???

But if that isn’t enough to make them certified losers, the next reality most definitely will.

Why Hams Are Losers – Reason 2: They Offer Their Services for Free!

In a world where people are charging hundreds of dollars just to give a suggestion that you could have easily gotten off Google, Hams offer their life-saving services for free.

That’s right.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has signed an MoU with the Amateur Radio Relay League to have Ham radio volunteers provide emergency electronic communications during disasters.

ARRL’s Amateur radio emergency services (ARES) has 80,000 licensed Hams who have registered their availability for such situations.

These people have offered their services without expecting a single penny from the taxpayers’ money in return.

Here are a bunch of instances of these crazy hams offering their services in some of the most terrible disasters in the history of the US.

  • The 9/11 tragedy. Mobile towers went down as New York saw the worst day in its history. Amateur radio operators mobilized immediately, and worked 24 hours a day, assisting communications and participating in emergency, search, and rescue efforts.
  • Hurricane Michael, 2018. This category-5 hurricane wreaked havoc on the Florida panhandle. The communication was down. And even then, these “losers” came through and worked round the clock for two weeks straight just to help the local community.
  • The 1994 Northridge earthquake. Ham radio operators demonstrated their value in this devastating earthquake as well. Many male and female Ham Operators volunteered and communicated hundreds of life-saving messages, often using their own resources.

In a situation where Hams must have had their own issues, they chose to help the community instead. What kind of air-head behavior is that?

If you and I were in this situation, would we have been selfless enough to compromise our own wellbeing and safety for public welfare? I don’t think so.

Oh and, have you heard of SATERN, the Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network?

These freaks volunteer there too. And working with the Salvation Army, Ham radio operators have supported local and national disaster relief authorities numerous times, one of the most recent ones being their support to the American Red Cross during the very active 2017 Atlantic Hurricane season.

If you are still unable to grasp why Ham radio operators are losers, even after knowing that they work for free, no problem. The next reason will bang the nail right in.

Why Hams Are Losers – Reason 3: They Practice a Harmless Hobby

Hobbies aren’t meant to be harmless. They are meant to disrupt everyone’s peace.

Those loud neighbors practicing heavy drums at 1 in the morning? Ah, fun. The troublesome teens whizzing past your house with their unusually loud cars? Now that’s a hobby!

alternative loud hobbies to ham radio
Other hobbies can be very noisy!

But Ham radio operators sit in a corner in their house, quietly tinkering with their electronics, making connections, and enjoying fun conversations on the air, that no one but other Hams can hear.

That’s a hobby only good-for-nothing losers can practice, right?

They are not even disturbing anyone with their tuning and transceiving. If anything, they are preparing to help us in times of trouble, even as they enjoy some downtime with their radios.

What a bunch of loser-stuff!

Is the harmlessness of their hobby still not enough to push you into criticizing and bad-mouthing this bunch of selfless and helpful individuals?

Okay. No problem. I’m not out of my reasons just yet.

Why Hams Are Losers – Reason 4: They Help and Encourage the Youth to Take the Hobby Forward

Ham radio is dying, and it’s better that way, right? I mean, it’s okay if we are unable to call for help when a hurricane knocks our communications down. But at least we will get rid of this extremely helpful bunch of losers.

But no. They won’t let that happen.

Hams tend to be a helpful bunch. They accept anyone who shows even the slightest of interest in Ham radios with open arms, guiding them about the hobby and helping them learn the ropes of the field.

They. Just. Won’t. Let. The. Hobby. Die, so we can enjoy our communication blackout more peacefully.

To make matters worse, they are encouraging our youth to take up this hobby.

Now this is downright terrible!

Why get them interested in something that leverages their creativity and compels them to become makers, engineers, and tech-savvy individuals? 

Our youth is better off wasting their time on activities that are scientifically proven to have disastrous effects on their health.

If you are still reading this, that means you need more reasons to be absolutely certain of the futility of the Ham radio hobby and the lameness of people who practice it.

Read on.

Why Hams Are Losers – Reason 5: They Work with the National Weather Services

No, the Hams haven’t left the weather guys alone either.

The ARRL has signed an MoU with the National Weather Service. Through this agreement, they have offered the services of their member Hams, their equipment, and other relevant facilities to support national, state-level, and local early weather warnings and emergency communications.

And yes, they are offering their services, time, and equipment for free, just so we can get life-saving weather warnings on time.

Why would they dedicate their valuable time and resources to save other people’s lives when they could easily use these resources for their personal gains.

I know why.

Because they are losers.

To Sum It Up

Ham radio operators are losers for being selfless enough to help people, even in these selfish times. They are “air-heads” for enjoying their hobby.

There are numerous instances of national emergencies, natural and manmade disasters where Hams have come through with their services. And they have done it all, expecting nothing in return.

These people have invested their own resources into helping society. And they are working to ensure that the Ham radio hobby continues to live by helping and encouraging anyone who wishes to enter the world of Amateur radio.

Does all of that make someone a loser? I don’t think so. But I’ll leave it here for you to decide.