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Code Question Answer
QRA What is the name (or call sign) of your station? The name (or call sign) of my station is …
QRB How far are you from my station? The distance between our stations is … nautical miles (or km).
QRG Will you tell me my exact frequency (or that of …)? Your exact frequency (or that of … ) is … kHz (or MHz).
QRH Does my frequency vary? Your frequency varies.
QRI How is the tone of my transmission? The tone of your transmission is (1: good, 2: variable 3: bad)
QRJ Are you receiving me badly? I cannot receive you, your signal is too weak.
QRK What is the readability of my signals (or those of …)? The readability of your signals (or those of …) is … (1: bad .. 5: excellent).
QRL Are you busy? I am busy. (or I am busy with … ) Please do not interfere.
QRM Do you have interference? I have interference.
QRN Are you troubled by static noise? I am troubled by static noise.
QRO Shall I increase transmit power? Please increase transmit power.
QRP Shall I decrease transmit power? Please decrease transmit power.
QRQ Shall I send faster? Please send faster (… words per minute).
QRS Shall I send more slowly? Please send more slowly (… words per minute).
QRT Shall I cease or suspend operation? I am suspending operation.
QRU Have you anything for me? I have nothing for you.
QRV Are you ready? I am ready.
QRW Shall I inform ___ that you are calling? Please inform ___ that I am calling.
QRX Shall I standby? / When will you call me again? Please standby. / I will call you again at … (hours) on … kHz (or MHz).
QRZ Who is calling me? You are being called by … (on … kHz (or MHz)).
QSA What is the strength of my signals (or those of … )? The strength of your signals (or those of …) is … (1: very weak .. 5: very strong).
QSB Are my signals fading? Your signals are fading.
QSD Is my keying defective? Your keying is defective.
QSG Shall I send ___ messages at a time? Send ___ messages at a time.
QSK Can you hear me between your signals (while transmitting), and if so can I break in on your transmission? I can hear you between my signals (while transmitting); break in on my transmission.
QSL Can you acknowledge receipt? I am acknowledging receipt.
QSM Shall I repeat the last telegram (message) which I sent you, or some previous telegram (message)? Repeat the last telegram (message) which you sent me (or telegram(s) (message(s)) numbers(s) …).
QSN Did you hear me (or …) on … kHz (or MHz)? I did hear you (or …) on … kHz (or MHz).
QSO Can you communicate with … direct or by relay? I can communicate with … direct (or by relay through …).
QSP Will you relay a message to …? I will relay a message to … .
QSR Do you want me to repeat my call? Please repeat your call.
QSS What working frequency will you use? I will use … kHz (or MHz).
QST Here is a broadcast message to all amateurs.
QSU Shall I send or reply on this frequency (or on … kHz (or MHz))? Please send or reply on this frequency (or on … kHz (or MHz)).
QSV Shall I send a series of “V” on this frequency (or on … kHz (or MHz))? Please send a series of “V” on this frequency (or on … kHz (or MHz)).
QSW Will you send on this frequency? I am going to send on this frequency.
QSX Will you listen to … on … kHz (or MHz)? I am listening to … on … kHz (or MHz).
QSY Shall I change transmission frequency (to … kHz (or MHz))? Please change transmission frequency (to … kHz (or MHz)).
QSZ Shall I send each word or group more than once? Send each word or group twice (or … times).
QTA Shall I cancel message number ___? Cancel message number ___.
QTC How many telegrams (messages) have you to send? I have … telegrams (messages) for you (or for …).
QTH What is your position in latitude and longitude (or according to any other indication)? My position is … latitude, … longitude.
QTR What is the correct time? The correct time is … hours.
QST General call preceeding a message address to all amateurs and A.R.R.L. Members. This is in effect “CQ ARRL”.
QRRR Official A.R.R.L. “land SOS.” A distress call for emergency use only.