Best Ham Radio For A Jeep

Hams love adventures. Be it venturing off the road or tinkering with their electronics (which can count as an adventure for some people). They like doing the unusual. If you are one of the adventure-junkie types, you may have considered going off-road. And your inherent passion for Ham radio may have compelled you to get …

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best ham radio antenna for apartments

Best Ham Radio Antenna for Apartments

Apartment life may have many pros. But for the modern Hams, it makes the hobby more challenging than usual. With interceptions from nearby devices, limited open space, and being surrounded by concrete jungle, these Hams have to work harder to maintain their radio communications.  Upgrading their Ham radio antennas might seem like a good choice …

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best ham radio books

Best Ham Radio Books

Ham radio is the best and most creative option for both short-range and long-range communication. There are numerous ham radio books on the market and all of them claim to put you ten steps ahead when it comes to equipping you with the knowledge that will help you become a  full-fledged ham radio operator. This …

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ham radio encryption

Can Ham Radio Be Encrypted

A conversation using a Ham radio is a classic person-to-person communication that predates SMS and internet messaging. This is probably why it’s made an emergence over the past few years because of its nostalgic effect. However, one of the major problems with Ham radio in the past, and even until now, is the fact that …

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