Ham Radio

ham radio encryption

Can Ham Radio Be Encrypted

A conversation using a Ham radio is a classic person-to-person communication that predates SMS and internet messaging. This is probably why it’s made an emergence over the past few years because of its nostalgic effect. However, one of the major problems with Ham radio in the past, and even until now, is the fact that …

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what are ham radios used for

What are Ham Radios Used For

Ham Radios are popular amongst the Amateur Radio community as a fun hobby, but it has many uses, some more essential than merely using it as a pass time. In this article we are going to dive into Ham Radio’s many uses. What are Ham Radios Used For Ham radios, also known as amateur radios, …

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best laptop for ham radio

Best Laptop for Ham Radio

If you are a ham radio operator or are thinking about getting your amateur radio license, then there must be one piece of hardware in your shack – the radio itself. But though radios may come in many different shapes and sizes, they all have one thing in common: They need power! So what do …

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emergency frequencies for ham radio

Emergency Frequencies For Ham Radio

Knowing emergency frequencies for Ham radio is as critical as having the radio. That’s right. Most people think their bug-out bags or emergency preparations are complete the moment they buy a handy dandy Ham radio. However, unless the radio is programmed to receive the right Ham radio frequencies, it is pretty much useless. Therefore, you …

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oscilloscope for ham radio

Oscilloscopes and Ham Radio

The need for a ham radio oscilloscope is not often discussed in the amateur radio community. The low cost of many modern digital signal processing (DSP) based equipment has made it possible to analyze signals without an oscilloscope. However, there are still occasions when an oscilloscope provides value that other instruments cannot provide. This article …

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