Best Ham Radio Antenna for Apartments

Apartment life may have many pros. But for the modern Hams, it makes the hobby more challenging than usual. With interceptions from nearby devices, limited open space, and being surrounded by concrete jungle, these Hams have to work harder to maintain their radio communications. 

apartment with operator broadcasting from home ham shack

Upgrading their Ham radio antennas might seem like a good choice in this situation. However, choosing the best Ham radio antenna for apartments from a sea of similar-looking options seems extremely challenging.

But I have done the hard work for you and have handpicked the top antennas to use in an apartment.

Read on to find an antenna the fits perfectly with your requirements and, of course, budget.

But before that, let me address a common concern.

Can HOA Restrict Ham Radio Antenna?

To answer your question quickly, No. The HOA cannot prevent you from installing an antenna in your apartment.

FCC requires HOA to be “reasonably accommodating” to the Hams and not restrict antenna installation without any valid reason.

But there are a couple of caveats to installing a Ham radio antenna for apartments.

  • You can only erect antennas in areas that come under your rental or ownership, like balconies or your living room, and cannot use public-access areas, like the roof, to set up your antenna.
  • Depending on your local and HOA regulations, you may have to acquire a permit from your HOA to install a Ham radio antenna in your apartment.

So, be sure to check in with your HOA before investing in an antenna.

Best Ham Radio Antenna for Apartments – Top Picks

The selection of the best antenna boils down to many factors, like cost, range, size, etc. So, what might be the best choice for you may not be too preferable for someone else.

Therefore, my list of best Ham radio antennas for apartments is in no particular order. I have included a variety of antennas, so everyone may be able to find one that fits them best.

Let’s see what we have.

X50-A Diamond Original Antenna

diamond-original-x50a-dual-antennaThe Diamond X50-A is a dual-band antenna and works on the most common 2m and 70cm amateur radio bands. The antenna features a 4.5 dBi gain at 2m and a 7.2 dBi gain at 70cm, which seems good for directional transmission. It features an input power of 200 watts and has a voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) of less than 1.5, which is pretty impressive.

With a 135 mph wind rating, this antenna is excellent for the outdoors. Just for context, the wind speed of a category 3 hurricane falls between 111-129 MPH. So this one promises to stand tall, even in these conditions.

The X50-A antenna is made of fiberglass radome, which justifies its resilience against rough weather conditions. It stands at 5.6 feet and is said to work just fine indoors and outdoors. According to some users, it is sufficiently lightweight and exceptionally reliable for emergency communications.

So, if you are looking for the best Ham radio antenna for apartments that you can rely on during emergencies, this one might be a good choice.

HYS Dual Band Mobile Antenna

HYS Dual Band Mobile AntennaThe HYS dual-band antenna, as evident by its name, works on two bands, the 2m and 70cm bands.

This antenna has less than 1.5 VSWR, which is good enough, and features a 3 dBi gain on 144 MHz and a 5 dBi gain on 430 MHz. It has a maximum power input of about 100 watts, which means it can support long-distance communications.

Talking about the hardware side of things, the antenna comprises a stainless steel flexible whip and is only 20 inches tall. It comes with a stainless steel bracket for easy installation. The antenna is also shipped with a 4m coaxial cable, making this one a steal for the price.

Despite its reasonable price, the antenna has proven to transmit very well. Therefore, it might be perfect if you are shopping on a budget and want a stealthy and reliable antenna. 

Comet Original GP-1 Fiberglass Antenna

Comet Original GP-1 Fiberglass AntennaThe comet GP-1 antenna is another dual-band antenna and works on the 2m band with 3 dBi gain and the 70cm band with a 6 dBi gain.

This antenna has less than 1.5 VSWR and variable power input, it works on 200w input power in the SSB mode and 100w in the FM mode.

The antenna features a moderate height of 4 feet and is lightweight, weighing only 2lbs, which gives it the stealth needed for most apartment applications.

The comet GP-1 is great for outdoor operations. It features the resilience and durability inherent to fiberglass antennas. The UV-protected fiberglass elongates its life and ensures it doesn’t crack or chalk due to sunlight.

Comet antenna made to my list of best Ham radio antenna for apartments not just due to its stealth or durability. But also because of its ease of installation.

This antenna is super easy to assemble and install. So, you can put it up even if your technical skills are something you are not proud of.

TWAYRDIO Yagi Ham Radio Antenna

TWAYRDIO Yagi Ham Radio AntennaThe classic-looking TWAYRDIO Yagi antenna is known for its high gain and excellent coverage. The one I am talking about here is your typical dual-band antenna, capable of operating on the 2m and 70cm Amateur bands.

This antenna has a gain of 9.5 dBi, and 11.5 dBi for 2m and 70 cm bands, respectively, which conforms to the “Yagis have high gain” notion.

The maximum power input for this one stands at 100w, and it features a VSWR ratio of less than 1.5.

The antenna is perfect for outdoor installation and operation. Its aluminum alloy body makes it water-proof and corrosion-resistant. It also features strong wind resistance and promises to withstand around 134 mph winds, making it reliable for emergency communications.

It does not need grounding, but if you want to, you have the option of grounding it using the external conductor and cable.

The TWAYRADIO Yagi antenna may be a good choice for you if you are looking for high gain dual band antenna that can power through some rough weather conditions.

Workman Magnetic Mobile Antenna

Workman Magnetic Mobile AntennaThe Workman magnetic mobile antenna is an excellent stealthy antenna, which is why I think it can be your best Ham radio antenna for apartments.

The antenna is relatively small, only 15.6 inches long, which gives it the stealth that got it on this list. Moreover, it has a strong magnetic base that gives it ease of installation, which may come in handy if you have pesky HOAs to deal with.

The workman antenna is another one of the dual-band antennas, which works on the popular 2m and 70cm bands.

It comes with a whopping 12 ft. long coaxial cable and offers good coverage.

So, this antenna is perfect for anyone looking for a perfect mix of stealth and range.

Super Antenna MP1 C

Super Antenna MP1 CSo far, we have only talked about VHF and UHF dual-band antennas, and before you doubt my impartiality, let me include HF and VHF multiband antennas for the DXers here.

The Super antenna MP1 C is a multiband antenna operating on the HF and VHF spectrum. This feature makes it perfect for long-distance communications.

The antenna with a VSWR of <1.5 works on a variety of bands, including:

  • 40m
  • 30m
  • 20m
  • 17m
  • 15m
  • 12m
  • 10m
  • 6m
  • 2m
  • and 220 MHz.

It is very easy to install and is collapsible as well. The antenna packs to 12 inches when put away and expands up to 7 feet when in operation. This feature makes it great for use in HOA-regulated apartments. You can easily pack it away when you doubt someone will question it, and put it back up when those HOAs are gone.

Some users have claimed to have connected to stations thousands of miles away with this antenna. If you are into DXing and would love to connect with Hams worldwide, this antenna would be an excellent choice.

The only apparent downside of this antenna is its price.

It is shipped WITHOUT a mount or coaxial cable, you will have to buy those separately. This may make it appear a bit more expensive than the rest.

So, safe to say, the MP1 C may be the best Ham radio antenna for those apartment-dwellers who have some extra bucks to spare and want to connect with Hams across borders.

COMPACtenna 20m-2m-440

COMPACtenna 20m-2m-440The COMPACtenna 20m-2m-440 is only 20 inches long and works on different input powers for different frequencies. It is a multiband antenna and covers the 20m HF band, 2m VHF band, and 440 MHz UHF frequency.

The antenna has a VSWR of 2, but it promises excellent performance despite the relatively high VSWR.

Despite its short height, the antenna promises an exceptional omnidirectional coverage courtesy of the COMPACtenna-patented Electric-Magnetic Field Diversity.

This lightweight, high-performance antenna requires a magnetic mount, a 3×4 ft. metal sheet, sold separately.

The metallic mount may count as one of its downsides, as it eats up a lot of floor space. Not everyone has a 3x4ft. corner to spare. The metallic sheet also takes away from the aesthetics of the place.

But, if you have some extra floor space and don’t mind the aesthetics, the COMPACtenna might be a good choice for omnidirectional transmission.


Choosing the right antenna for your Ham radio can be tough for anyone. But for apartment-dwellers, finding the best Ham radio antenna for apartments can be on a whole new level of difficulty.

In this article, I have presented my top picks for the best Ham radio antenna for apartments. If you are looking for a low-cost option that works efficiently, you might want to consider the HYS dual-band mobile antenna. And if you don’t mind loosening the purse strings a little, the $104 Diamond X50-A may make for a good choice. 

Regardless of the antenna you choose, please make sure to cross-check your HOA regulations to ensure no one has issues with your new antenna.