Ham Radio License in Norway

In this article, you will find out important information on using a ham radio /amateur radio in Norway. Do you a need a license to operate a ham radio in Norway, how do you get a ham radio license in Norway, and more. 

Is Ham Radio Legal In Norway? 

Yes, owning, installing, and operating an amateur radio is legal in Norway. However, you would need a license in order to transmit on amateur radio frequencies.

What Frequencies Can I Use Without a Ham Radio License in Norway?

Although it may be possible to listen to ham radio frequencies in Norway, it is illegal to transmit on any Norwegian ham radio frequencies without the appropriate license. 

How Do I Get a Ham Radio License in Norway? 

The Ham radio license in Norway is issued by the Norsk Radio Relæ Liga. 

You must pass a multiple choice exam to get the Norwegian Amateur Radio Operator Certificate. 

The test can be retaken as many times as needed. 

In case you are confused about how you can get a Ham radio license in Norway, you can contact your local Ham club for help. 

Can I Get a Ham Radio License Online in Norway? 

You can apply for a Ham radio license online in Norway by taking the Amateur radio qualification exam online at http://www.nrrl.no/.

Where can I attend an online ham radio course Norway?

To prepare for your Norwegian ham radio license exam, it’s worth completing an online ham radio course. Here are some recommended providers.


Is Morse Code Required for a Ham Radio License in Norway? 

Morse code used to be a requirement for a Ham radio license in Norway. But it is not anymore. You can get the Basic Amateur radio operator’s license even if you don’t know the Morse code. 

How Much is a Ham Radio License in Norway? 

 The cost  of an amateur/Ham radio license varies from country to country. It is on average, between $20 to $101 in Norway.

How Many Radio Amateurs are there in Norway? 

Based on the available data, there are around 5302 registered Ham radio operators in Norway. 

Norway Ham radio operators have their own representative body operating under the name of Norsk Radio Relæ Liga. Additionally, there are clubs operating locally, such as LA CONTEST CLUB, LA-DX-GROUP, LA4O. 

Local amateur radio clubs can offer information and support. So, you won’t be alone as you embark on your Ham radio journey in Norway. If you look, you will find many helpful Hams ready to assist you throughout the way.

Final Words

Getting a Ham radio license in Norway can be easy. You can get a basic license and operate on frequencies in the VHF and above ranges by passing an amateur radio qualification exam. Once you have a license, you can operate on Ham radio frequencies in Norway for the rest of your life.